Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh Start

With a new year comes a new start for the Always Android blog. I realize that posts lately have been sparse at best and school and work can take most of the blame for this. With this schedule and life not slowing down anytime soon, hourly updates are not possible at this time. But I do not want this to kill the the blog and the dream I have for it. Thus the "Daily Wrap-Up" was born.

For the time being I will be releasing a daily (probably around 5pm central time) blog with all the biggest and most important Android news from the day. I want to make Always Android the one-stop-shop for the busy Android reader. Not everyone has the time to read blog releases all day long and I think this will be a nice compromise for both me and my readers. I will also do a weekly wrap-up on Fridays.

Obviously at some point I would love for Always Android to be a full fledged blog (I.e. Droid Life or Android Central), but at this point I just don't have the readers or resources for it. Hopefully someday I can ditch blogger and host my dream site (so help spread the word!).

I will still be answering questions, giving advice, breaking news, and just chatting on Twitter. Also, Screenshot Sunday will be coming back in full force. So get those setups polished! I also hope to do more give-always and get you the readers more involved.

So TL;DR daily wrap-ups with all the biggest news, weekly wrap-ups on Fridays, Screenshot Sunday coming back, stay active on Twitter. Thanks for the support and spread the word!